Sunday, July 19, 2009

Non Vampire – what a shock

For those who come to the site on a regular basis, you’ll know that for me to post something non-vampire is a rare thing indeed. Not that I don’t have other interests but I try to keep the blog as pure as possible.

However, how excited am I that Nick Cave has a new novel – the Death of Bunny Munro – due out. Seriously, And the Ass Saw the Angel – his previous novel – was stunning and the homepage has several videos of readings and audios from the new book. Check the video from chapter 3, it is on the same par as Cheech Marin’s pussy soliloquy from From Dusk till Dawn, a literati equivalent (and, okay, I managed to get some form of vamp reference in).

The book is coming out in hardback and audio book – read by Cave with music by Cave and Warren Ellis – on 3rd September.

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