Sunday, April 26, 2009

Available from Tomorrow

Available from tomorrow is issue 3 of Ethereal Tales, a zine which aims to showcase the writing and artistic talents of the alternative community.

Go on over to the home page and click sneaky peek to get a flavour for what is in the issue.

Of course, enlightened self interest is a wondrous thing and in issue 3 you’ll find a tale entitled “Setting the Record Straight” by yours truly, where I explore what really happened to Lucy Westenra.


Gabriel said...

Hey Taliesin,

Just read the intro to "Setting the Record Straight."

The introduction caught my attention and I am keen to discover what happens! I enjoy alternate takes on Dracula (though forgive me I didn't enjoy The Historian), as I count Subspecies within the Dracula Universe.

Kudos on getting your story published, I am yet to pass that milestone....what inspired you to write that story about Lucy?

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Cheers Gabriel

The Lucy story just popped into my head, I have been struck for some time that Stoker broke his own rules on vampire slaying both in respect of Lucy and Dracula himself.