Saturday, October 04, 2008

Updates and News

You, hopefully, saw the review for Diagnosis Murder’s vampire episode that I posted yesterday, but did you spot that it was airing? If you go to the very bottom of the page you’ll see a new function on the blog – the Vampire TV Diary.

Now, a few things to note. This was of the brainchild of PaulW and kudos to him (I know you’ve said I don’t need to keep giving you credit Paul, but I think this time it is most definitely warranted).

It is being created/maintained through a google function and is only as accurate as Paul, I and the other recruits he has working on it are. Essentially, as we spot things they will be added to the diary. If we miss things, then we miss them.

Finally it will feature UK listings only; anything else would have been way too onerous a task. Disclaimers aside, I think this was a great idea and I hope it’ll be of use to those site visitors from the UK.

If you want the embed code for the calendar for your own site, go here.

In other news.

I am not overly impressed by the news that one of Bram Stoker’s descendants is to co-pen a sequel to Dracula. Of course, if it is good then all is well but I think the fact that the gentleman in question is a descendant of the original author doesn’t actually mean that much accept a bit of publicity for the project.

I am even less impressed that Francis Lawrence and Will Smith are to make a prequel to the 2007 version of I am Legend. The recent flick missed the point of the novel by quite a stretch and the idea of the prequel just smacks of Will Smith toting a gun and survival horror – with no tension as we already know he and the dog survive to the end of the prequel and anyone he meets will not.

Finally, what’s going on over in Sweden – and whatever it is, keep it going because I, for one, like it. Not content to have us on tenterhooks awaiting Let the Right One In, we now have the Swedish vampire film Not Like Others (Vampyrer) on the horizon. The synopsis runs thus:

"One night two vampire sisters, Vera and Vanja, make a fatal mistake that forces them to run and fight for their lives while being chased by a biker-gang. On this particular night Vanja has also promised herself to share a life-changing secret with her sister Vera; Vanja is ready to try to give up the outcast vampire life, adjust to the real world and live amongst the humans. Vera, her sister, is frightened by a vampire-life in solitude and is willing to do almost anything to stop her sister from leaving her behind. At the same time the biker gang is closing in..."

Nip on over to Quiet Earth to see the subtitled trailer for this classy looking flick. Click here for the official website.


Michael Szollosy said...

Thank you! I will put this service to good use, yes.

(What would be most useful for me, and maybe others already using Google calendars, would be if you could also provide the code so that others could add the calendar to their existing Google calendars, rather than embedding the whole thing on another website. That way, I can see your vamp film times right along side my 'pick kids up from school' and committee meetings. But regardless, I can always check it on your website.)

Thanks again!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

thanks Michael

I can't offer the code to add the calendar to the existing calendar as it isn't my calendar as such - I just have an access to it.

Besides which, as a cheeky aside, I'd like you to check it on my site ;)

Michael Szollosy said...

Understood, and as for checking it on your site -- a pleasure!