Saturday, October 18, 2008


Zahir al Daoud is a visitor to the blog but I actually met him, in an online sense, on a (sadly now defunct) vampire movie forum. Zahir missed the forum and the sense of community it created, as I did as well, and so has created a new forum Undead Whispers. I have agreed to act as a moderator (which is something I’ve never done before). Hopefully we'll see you over there.

The Vamps on TV calendar has been rather successful, in my humble opinion, and Paul, who is the mastermind behind it, has offered to do a weekly email post of the calendar. If anyone wants this then please send me your email address (via the taliesinloki email address) and I will pass the details over to Paul.

Arrow in the Head news have posted up about a new vampire comedy – Dead Sucks. Synopsis as follows:

“Burt is a wayward vampire with a ‘messy’ past, an uncertain future and a disproportionate need for sleep. Rejected by vampires and humans alike, he searches to find his place in a world where the only thing that sucks more than being alive is being dead.”

MTV have reported that Steve Niles is looking to get his latest vampire comic series – epilogue – made into a TV series on HBO. The graphic of the comic is due out (UK at least) early next year.

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