Friday, September 26, 2008

Updates and news

Keen eyed visitors might have noticed the link for “the Blog: the T-Shirt” on the right hand side-bar. You can now get Taliesin Meets the Vampires T-Shirts from Café Press.

My internet access is not back to normal but is now a lot better than it was, so normal posting has resumed. I do have to say my thanks to those visitors who take time to contact me with vampire related news. One such visitor is Paul W who e-mailed me with details of new Spanish language series Gabriel.

Also mentioned in the article is the alleged Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration on Dark Shadows – which is exciting. As a complete, and non-vampire, aside I finally saw Sweeney Todd last weekend and was very, very impressed.

Other exciting news I stumbled across was a proposed series of vampire novels by none other than top director Guillermo Del Toro. Whether this will prove a good move on his part time will tell, after all he is known more for the visual media of film. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the Strain. More details here.

Finally, thanks to Crabstix who sent me this link to an interview with Corey Feldman.


Uranium Willy said...

I saw Sweeny Todd and loved the look and feel but felt, really, that it was over scored. I am not against musicals but it was a little too much, though I feel I will watch it again for another try. Sometimes the first go on a musical is the hardest since you don't know when the songs are coming or what the lyrics are all about yet.

As usual Burtons sets and colors and cinematography make up for any shortcomings in the story department for me. I would love to see him do a full out vampire or horror film.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

you and me too, Bill!