Monday, August 25, 2008

Back for the moment

Although, as I mentioned in my last post I’ll be bobbing over to Spain this time next week. I have just spent the weekend in Whitby, with my lovely wife. Many thanks to Kev and Tish at the Bats and Broomsticks, as always a great place to stay and our gratitude to you for ensuring we had the same room as we had on our Honeymoon.

Of course, going to Whitby needs to include some vampiric purchases and the belt buckle pictured at the head of the post was the find of the weekend – and my thanks and love to Sarah who actually spotted it for me.

In the same shop I picked up a hardback copy of McNally and Florescu’s “In search of Dracula”. The edition has seen better days (some of the interior binding is loose) but fascinatingly, the person who owned it once was doing some serious research into Vlad Tepes. There is, loose, a list within of cultural organisations, many marked off, and a letter regarding sources of research from Bruce Wightman who was, at the time, chairman of the Dracula Society.

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