Friday, July 18, 2008

The Votes are In

The poll “Should 'Man Eater of Hydra' be classed as a vampire film?” is now closed and the votes went as follows:

20% voting weren’t sure and voted ‘don’t know’
37% said yes
41% said no.

That makes the official Taliesin Meets the Vampires position on the film ‘Not Vamp’.

Many thanks to all those who voted and also to those who commented over at MySpace.

Suzy said “I read your description of the film and I voted no. I think that the film is not a vampire film the way I think that Little Shop of Horrors is not a vampire film. Just because blood is drunk by the monster in question doesn't by default make said monster a vampire. Like human cannibals aren't vampires. That is my 2 cents worth, I might classify it as a pseudo vampire film.”

And Kenspeckle observed: “Hi! Like the 'vamp or not' poll... maybe it's not strictly a 'vamp' but it's an imaginative subversion...”

The original article has been adjusted to reflect the poll.

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