Saturday, July 12, 2008


You know what? This is the 1000th post I’ve made on the blog… now that is most definitely a milestone.

I’d like to take the opportunity for thanking all those who take time to comment; real world friends and virtual friends alike, those who have visited the blog from the early days and those newer friends who have come along more recently. The fact that you take time to read my ramblings and leave comments really means a lot to me. I’m not going to name check you all – you are too numerous, I’d probably miss a name by accident and feel awful and, besides, you know who you all are.

I’d also like to thank those visitors who just come and read – feedburner gives me lots of stats about the numbers who come here and, again, you make it all worthwhile.

The blog has afforded me opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise and in particular I’d like to thank Zombie Astronaut for allowing me to regularly mumble incoherently about vampires over on the Frequency of Fear.

Thanks have to be offered to those running their own blogs/sites that I enjoy.

Finally thanks to the actors, directors and writers whose work brings this wonderful genre to life. Without you this blog wouldn’t exist.


Bill Courtney said...

Congrats on 100. I just passed 50 and it is an encouraging feeling.

I designed some banners for my site. I think they look cool. the codes are on my latest post if you are interested. They not take away from your site's look. If you post one or the other I can make you a banner, using your logo or selected image. I am going to ask Chick Young and Gilligan and Ryne and a couple others the same thing.
I got the idea from Fletch's promotion the LAMB home page, but we cannot get the code for those ourselves. Also the size is too small. I think some personal banners would look nice and could help promote each others site and maybe develop a tighter community of deranged horror site bloggers.

With your permission I can make one of your site and if it works send you the code (for introducing me to Rapid Share)... then decide whether we will use it? I made one of my wife's blog and it is my footer. Check out our rabbit.

Bill in China

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Bill, don't know whether it was a typo or a misread, but it was a 1000 mate - many thanks for the congrats, however.

More than happy to put your side banner up - a word of caution, however, for some reason the code didn't work as presented. Did a little html jiggery pokery and it is there.

More than happy for you to do a banner for here if you wish, I tend just to use the top logo cut up as I'm not that artistic myself!

btw, I did check your wife's site - cute bunny

Chick Young said...

Here's to a thousand more mate. Cheers. Should I find myself in the U.K., count on a few pints from me to toast this occasion. I do make it to Europe every blue moon - I'm off to Spain for research in the fall (supposedly - many factors beyond my control). Congratulations on the best ever Vampire blog. Chick

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers Chick

bill courtney said...

It was a misread... wow 1000!!! I am stunned. I do not have the right words... I must sacrifice a goat for you or something.

Some weird news here: after much trouble I had to change hosting services, it is a long and grisly story. The short and bad news (not tragic so far, just bad) is I will have to change my URL.

I settled on this:

it was almsot all that was reasonably available except for

but I have heard it is bad to put "the" at the beginning of your domain name.

well, it is a hassle, but I finally FTPing stuff up. So all my banners are void!!! haha. and all the video promos i did at youtube... I think 90% will be the same, but all my titles and comments and post dates and stuff will be lost, and probally will have to have people relink... bummer.

again...1000!!!! staggering my man!!!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers Bill.

let me know when the site is up and I'll alter the url