Thursday, July 03, 2008

Caroline Munro – appearance in Blackpool

Caroline Munro, who appeared in the Hammer films Dracula AD 1972 and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter will be making a personal appearance at Who in Blackpool on 26th July 08. Details on the flyer.


Bill Courtney said...

Caroline Munro was super hot and cool at the same time. I remember her mostly from a freaky gore film called Maniac, by William Lustig. Joe Spinell (Rocky, Taxi Driver tough guys) starred in it and I think helped write it. Tom Savini did some over the top effects and poor Ms Munro is th target of freaky Joe's attention. I may do a post on it even though I have not seen it in years I still remember some scenes. Recommended

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I'd like to see the post Bill. Looking forward to see Caroline when she's here, I'm hoping to get my Dracula AD 1972 and Captain Kronos signed!

Christine said...

I remember Caroline from Hammer films. Never seen her gore sleaze films like Maniac- thank lawd! - but what I have read about it... Spare me from the sewers of sane mind!