Thursday, March 20, 2008

Torchwood – no vampires

Torchwood, the spin-off of Doctor Who has an illustrious vampiric past to follow. Therefore, when a website suggested that in the 'Gwen gets married episode' there would be vampires I was somewhat excited. Unfortunately the episode was an 'alien shapeshifter with a taste for human flesh' episode and there wasn’t enough to warrant a ‘Vamp or Not?’ However the next episode teaser gave me hope…

"They only come out at night", was tagged along with a suggestion of bodily fluid sucking. Not true, this was a celluloid ghost episode, actually one of the better episodes – though I am quickly beginning to question why I watch something so derivative with so many plot holes – they did steal the last breath of victims, leaving them in a comatose (and possibly undead) state but, again, not enough for a ‘Vamp or Not?’ Never mind.

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