Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost Boys 2 trailer

Swish pointed this out:

Now, is it Lost Boys 2 or Lost Boys recycled? Discuss...


Mateo said...

Indeed, the use of the same theme song and bike chase scene suggests a rehash. However, the lead actress in the trailer has been in a few good things. So it doesn't sound like as straight-to-dvd fare as I was expecting. I'm not sure if there's a kiefer sutherland in this one to carry the film though. My main worry is that the film will feature too much corey feldman (who's not a very strong actor and was only a minor character in the original).

Derek said...

This looks decent but this is not the follow-up we've been waiting for. While I am tired of the remake-the-'80's fad, this is one movie that could be remade well with the right director. The original is probably my all-time favorite movie for sentimental reasons but objectively it is not a deathless (pardon the pun) classic. If they can attempt a "Near Dark" remake, then they can do one of this, too.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi Mateo, Hi Derek, thanks for your thoughts.

On the re-hash aspect there was also a rehash of dialogue that was perhaps unnecessary as well (the wine and the never grow old lines).

I have heard, but can't confirm for definite, that there was some re-shooting done as - at the eleventh hour - they got the other Corey (Haim) back. Obviously he doesn't appear in the trailer so the validity of the rumour can be questioned and, if true, the size of the role is probably smaller.

I'm not sure where they are (if at all) with a Near Dark remake but given the suggestion, plus the suggestion of a fright night remake, one can't see why the original couldn't be remade generally.

Incidentally, there is a petition here to try and get the film as a cinema release rather than straight to DVD - personally I think that would depend on the quality of the finished product as much as anything.

All in all, however, I must say I'm not dreading this as much as I had been.

Anthony Hogg said...

Here's a synopsis of the film from Upcoming Horror Movies:

"The film takes place in the shady surf city of Luna Bay, California, where vampires quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path. Into this dark world arrive Chris Emerson and his younger sister, Nicole. Having just lost their parents in a car accident, the siblings move in with their eccentric Aunt Jillian and become new prey for the locals’ way of life. When Nicole unwittingly falls for a local vampire, Chris must locate and destroy the gang’s lifeline before his sister’s transformation is complete; to do this Chris finds himself relying on the expertise of none other than Edgar Frog."

One can immediately identify similarities to the first film ("eccentric Aunt Jillian" = Grandpa), which begs the question of why a sequel was even made in the first place.

Not that this is an uncommon practice, of course.