Monday, February 18, 2008

A whole week off work…

…well dependent on the phone not going. What to do, what to do?

Yu-Gi-Oh cardAs I am off because it is my son’s half term break, and as he has got really into Yu-Gi-Oh, I will undoubtedly be taking him to the Yu-Gi-Oh club in town on a couple of occasions at least, which will involve him having fun and me sat around for a few hours – an ideal time to catch up with some reading, though not the writing I had hoped to do.

vampire, prince of the cityNow, I am not one to enjoy benefiting from another’s misfortune, but a bargain is a bargain and when I went into a store’s closing down sale recently I picked up the White Wolf board game, Vampire – Prince of the City, for a bargain price. I had fully intended sitting with my son and working out how to play it over the week. You never know, I might be able to drag him away from Yu-Gi-Oh for long enough!

moonlightOf course, I have already mentioned that the UK premier of “Being Human” airs on BBC 3 tonight. What I haven’t mentioned is that the UK premier of vampire series Moonlight is on Living TV at 10 PM on Tuesday the 19th. I have heard some bad things about this but regular reader Derek informs me that the series is worth sticking with.

zombie astronautAlso, during the week, I am hoping to get some voice work down for Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency of Fear, a podcast that, if you don’t already listen to, you really should. Indeed, as I post this I am listening to the latest podcast, “It Takes Two to Tangle,” and recommend you download it right now and have a listen yourself – lots of twin goodness including a top 3 twin vampire run down from yours truly. I should also mention, whilst I changed the links a little while ago, that I have not yet pointed out in a post that the original Zombie Astronaut site has moved. Nip over there to find much old time radio goodness.

You never know, I might even fit in watching a couple of vampire movies!

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