Thursday, February 28, 2008

For those we can’t review… we salute you.

In my quest to get hold of as much vampiric goodness as I can I sometimes acquire films that are in a non-English language and, unfortunately, are not subtitled.

Here I give praise to those films, which I cannot review as I feel that to do so would be unfair as I have to guess what is going on on-screen. However, actually having the films is no hardship, they all form part of the collection.

I have “Android Girl Nami”, a Japanese film concerning the battles of mentioned android girl and an escaped vampire girl. This is Japanese language only. I have “The First Vampire of China”, in Mandarin with Japanese subtitles.

I ordered Mexican wrestling movie Los Vampiros de Coyoacan, which does have a subtitled version but the seller sent me a non-subtitled edition. They were good enough to refund me the cost and not require the film’s return – I still want to get the subtitled version.

The latest set, with no English subs, to come into my collection was Korean series Hi, Francesca – season 1. I found this very nice set (pictured at the head of the post) for a bargain price on E-Bay, but unfortunately it has no English subs. I will still watch it but, being a sit-com I know that much of the point will be lost. No review though, how could I do it justice. Still, it is a gorgeous box.

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