Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Film: Nightingale

One of the great things about MySpace is that it allows you to network. I received a message from Don Henry, director of Desert of Blood, thanking me for my review and telling me a little about his new project Nightingale. Based on an unusual take on vampire mythology, it sounds very interesting. It also stars Julie Caitlin Brown, a firm favourite of mine from Babylon 5.

Don has promised to keep me up to date with developments, more info when I have it. In the meantime the synopsis is:

“A field trip near the Mexican border goes very wrong when a high school teacher (played by Lisa Wilcox) and her students stumble upon the execution of a Border Patrol agent by ruthless gangsters. As the teacher quickly falls into the hands of the killers, and the teenagers take refuge with the murdered agent’s wife, this deadly encounter takes a confusing twist when the bad guys suddenly appear good—and the good guys start to look a lot like vampires...

"Nightingale is the story of DEBORAH MOONEY (played by Julie Caitlin Brown), a nurse so dedicated to her patients that her husband, EDWIN, affectionately nicknamed her “Florence Nightingale.” But Deborah’s mission in life changes when Edwin and her father (played by Charles Napier) are bitten by strange bats. As the men slowly transform into vampire-like creatures, Deborah does everything she can to keep her family together. In a desperate effort to prevent her husband and father from becoming murderous monsters, she uses her medical skills to humanely acquire the blood they need to survive, without killing the “donors.”

"But Deborah also has a brother, FLINT (played by Joshua Cox), a U.S. Marshal who believes that the men his sister is protecting are no longer his father and brother-in-law... No longer human. With the help of two fellow Marshals, Flint goes on a personal mission to destroy the fledgling vampires and to bring his sister back from the darkside—if it’s not already too late.

"Nightingale is a story of a family in crisis as Deborah and Flint are forced to re-examine their own sense of family loyalty and devotion—and decide how far they are willing to go to save the ones they love most.”

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