Saturday, December 08, 2007

Music: Marilyn Manson

Thursday just gone, myself and my lovely wife, plus zombiepunk, travelled up to Manchester to see Marilyn Manson in concert. The day did not start too well, given the torrential rain and the fact that once we hit Manchester the traffic snarled to a grinding halt. Then, of course, there was getting from car to venue in said torrential rain.

We missed the support, but as I didn’t know who was on anyway there was no great shakes there. Manson, however, was excellent. I’d expected a great stage show and that’s what we got. Interestingly the show opened with music lifted directly from The Hunger and so I expected that the opening song would be “If I was your vampire”. It was.

Okay, it isn’t high art but it was a great stage show, loud raucous music and a chance to recapture my youth. Many thanks to Mr Warner for an evening filled with great entertainment – other than the idiot who threw a bottle at the stage and brained the bass player – honestly, there really are some morons out there.

“If I was your vampire
Slim as the moon
Instead of killing time
We'll have each other till the sun.

“If I was your vampire
Death waits for no one.
Put my hands across your face
Because I think our time has come.”


nickje said...

Glad you enjoyed the gig. Shame about the "cocksucker" (in mansons words lol).

Actually its a shame you missed the support band. They were really fun. Fat, gay man waving a kane around and dressed in leather lol...

Taliesin_ttlg said...

sounds like you enjoyed it to nickje, it was a great stage show. Was it just me, or was it a bit telling that, even with an injury, the bass player was only referred to as the bass player - not by name. No band introductions were given either... hmmm...

Thanks for the post.