Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some UK releases on DVD

Halloween is always a great time to pick up new and classic horror films just released on DVD. I’ve rounded up a few of the vampire ones due out this year – of varying quality.

First up we have Perfect Creature, due for release on 22nd October. A very stylised film with steampunk overtones, this won’t be to everyone’s taste but I really enjoyed it a lot.

Perhaps less worthwhile is The Last Sect, released on 15th October. This had great potential but just didn’t quite reach the heights it grasped for, failing in both its pacing and due to a lack of clarity. That said it is better than a lot out there.

My top tip for a Halloween purchase is also released on 15th October and is an absolute classic. Why it has taken so long to release The Brides of Dracula on UK DVD is beyond me – but that will soon be all behind us. The film stars Cushing but is entirely without Christopher Lee – it also features one of the stranger vampire killing methods.

Have a spooky, vampiric Halloween.


Mateo said...

Is Brides being released as a standalone there? It doesn't appear to be in the U.S., although you can get it as a hammer pack with Curse of the Werewolf and a few others (most not so good).

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Mateo, it is a stand alone. I actually have the film in the US Hammer pack - which I have to say also has Kiss of the Vampire and that is also worth a look.

With this release I think that Kiss of the Vampire is the only Hammer vampire movie not available on UK DVD, unless they snook a release whilst I wasn't looking!

Mateo said...

I might try to import the UK release then, because i'm not a big enough hammer fan to buy the pack with all the obscure movies.

I did buy Perfect Creature by the way. Still waiting for it to arrive.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I'm sure you know this already but make sure you are multi-regioned and PAL enabled