Friday, August 17, 2007

Taliesin meets… Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden

British actor Paul Blackthorne was, of course, wizard Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files, though before that he had roles in British programmes such as Holby City, Jonathan Creek and Peak Practice as well as US shows ER and 24. Memorably he was Captain Andrew Russell in the Oscar nominated Indian film Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India.

With The Dresden Files DVD just released in the US and due to be released in the UK, Paul was good enough to take time out from filming his new series to talk to Taliesin Meets the Vampires, despite some spectacular transatlantic interference – so many thanks to Paul for his patience. Paul’s official webpage is here.

Taliesin_ttlgFirst of all let me say thank you for taking time out to talk to me.

Paul BlackthorneNo problem

Taliesin_ttlgWhat attracted you to the role of Harry?
Paul BlackthorneHe was an interesting character; the reluctant hero is always good to play. Harry walked the lines between two worlds, the worlds of magic and the mundane, which was interesting.

Taliesin_ttlgHad you read any of Jim Butcher’s novels prior to getting the role?

Paul BlackthorneNo I hadn’t. I read Storm Front, the first book, after getting the role.

Taliesin_ttlgDid you enjoy the book and what did you draw from it?

Paul BlackthorneYeah. It helped establish the world in which Harry lived and let me learn about him and the other characters around him. Seeing the general world that Mr Butcher envisioned was a good place to start.

Taliesin_ttlgI believe that you are to be in the series Big Shots (which Paul is currently filming), does this mean no more Dresden Files?

Paul BlackthorneNo, unfortunately. The studio was happy to continue but the network was not. There weren’t enough bums on seats so to speak.

Terrence Mann as BobTaliesin_ttlgOne of my favourite aspects of the series was the interaction between Harry and Bob, what was working with Terrence Mann like?

Paul BlackthorneHe was great. We enjoy each others company both around and in front of the camera. It’s great as an actor when that happens. He’s a great actor and was a joy to work with.

Taliesin_ttlgDo you have a personal favourite episode or moment from the series?

Paul BlackthorneYeah… (thinks) I actually really enjoyed the moments with Bianca (Joanne Kelly) and the whole jealous vampire thing and the stuff with the werewolf girl. The werewolf episode (Hair of the Dog) was great, all that unrequited love for Harry.

Joanne Kelly as BiancaTaliesin_ttlgYou’ve actually pre-empted me, I was going to ask as the interview is for Taliesin Meet the Vampires, do you have any anecdotes about filming the vampire episode “Bad Blood” or working with Joanne Kelly?

Paul Blackthorne(laughs) Not Really (laughs again) It was interesting… (more laughter) She’s a very good actress. It’s as though, when she steps in front of the camera she takes on a 1920s or 30s movie star persona.

Taliesin_ttlgWould you ever consider reprising the role of Harry?

Paul BlackthorneYeah… at this point I don’t see how it would happen but as a sentiment, absolutely and utterly. For sentimental reasons I would.

Taliesin_ttlgThanks again for your time.

The Dresden Files is available in the US from:

And in the UK for pre-order (for the 27th August 2007) from:

and from all good DVD stockists.

Interview conducted 16/8/07.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for interviewing Paul. If you check out, you'll see there were plenty of "bums in the seats" and the only real bums were at the network. I wish Paul good luck with my new favorite show, Big Shots, and let's hope that Lionsgate finds a new home for Harry!

Blessed be!

Zarina said...

The Dresden Files is loved by thousands all over the world! Check out the New Home 4 Dresden Petition - there are over 2,770 signatures! Read the comments on the petition & you'll see that the only 'bum' is Ms. Hammer - and I mean bum in BOTH the English & American definitions!!
Want more proof? Dresden Files forum on has over 42,290 posts while Eureka, which is on its 2nd season only has 13,499!!

It is beyond obvious that there are thousands of us who want Paul back as Harry & that number is growing daily due to rentals & sales of the DVD's! We're fighting for him & the show and we're nowhere ready to give up!!! (

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Zarina and anonymous, thanks for the comments. No need to thankk me, the privilege was mine. The only shame was that I had been held to 10 minutes as Paul was literally in a break in filming.

I fully urge any reader who enjoyed Dresden Files to go sign that petition.

Zarina said...

Mr. Blackthorne seems like a pretty awesome person as well as a sensational actor! :)
Just an update, thanks in part to YOU, we now have 3,189 signatures on the Petition & we're sending out a new mass of postcards/letters, etc. tomorrow as part of MAGIC MONDAY!! I hope everyone will pitch in & help! Information is available on the forum at
Thank you again for such a wonderful interview!! :)