Sunday, July 29, 2007

Music: I am Ghost

It’s always nice to come across a newer band out of the blue, to just pick up the CD with no knowledge of what they are like, have a listen and think, ‘hmm… not bad at all’.

‘I am Ghost’ fall somewhere between Goth and post-hardcore, imagine if you would ‘Panic! At the Disco’ if they had metal balls coupled with symphonic and choral movements. There is also a definite obsession with vampires on their “Lovers’ Requiem” CD – which, of course, is no bad thing.

Vampiric imagery, such as shown here, is within the CD booklet and there is a track entitled “Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die”. Add to that the following lyrics;

From “Dark Carnival of the Immaculate”:

“Her eyes glow like heaven
Broken, unsound, cut her wings off
The night: a vampire trademark
Dead Man Walking Free”

And from: “We are Always Searching”

“It’s a cold dark night, Hallows’ Eve upon the crest
In a parking lot of vampires in suits to look their best.”

If you want to hear some for yourself, the band have a MySpace profile here and the official site is here.

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