Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Film: Brand Upon the Brain!

This film by Guy Maddin is a black and white, expressionist horror, with vampiric elements and is a silent movie to boot. Concerned about Guy Maddin and the terrible secrets that lie below the surface of family life. Undoubtedly the use of vampires is metaphorical within the tale, his mother is described in one piece I have read as “Guy's lighthouse-keeper headmistress vampire mother”, and the film does look intriguing.

The full synopsis is: “Guy Maddin lazes away his under-stimulated youth with his teenage sister on the mysterious island that one day, he stands to inherit. They share this island with a horde of orphans all living together in the lighthouse which doubles as the orphanage. Their every move is vigilantly watched over by Guy’s overbearing and tyrannical mother from the top of the lighthouse while his father, a scientist and inventor, secretly works away in the basement morning noon and night.

When the new parents of recently adopted children discover mysterious head wounds on their young, teen detectives Wendy and Chance Hale – brother and sister sleuths known as the Lightbulb Kids – visit Guy’s island to launch into an investigation. Guy is weak at the knees as he falls hard into his first hormone driven crush for Wendy, while Sis, is rosy cheeked and flushed with love for chance, a love that must be kept hidden from Mother at all costs.

As the investigation progresses, it leads the kids into the darkest regions of revelation and repression and spins dangerously out of control as the terrible secrets of Guy’s family are laid bare…”

The films homepage is here and contains a trailer.

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