Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dark nights and torrential rain

uninvited guest

With torrential rain lashing the UK yesterday I braved the weather for another great night at Misery of Sound last night.

There were two bands on. First up was the highly unusual and yet most excellent Danse of the Dead, describing themselves as Celtic gothic, you can hear some of their musical stylings on their MySpace profile.

The main act were the excellent Uninvited Guest. I had heard a couple of tracks by this glam styled gothic rock act but that taster couldn’t compare to hearing them live. An excellent set, and an excellent album called Faith in Oblivion, again they have a MySpace Profile.

I had read, when Mick Mercer, reviewed their album, that Mick thought that vocalist Dean Hathaway had the best voice in Goth currently – I can’t say he was wrong.

Their track “When you’re dead” is a cutting indictment of organised religion and their promises of afterlife and likens religious institutions to vampirism:

When You’re Dead – Uninvited Guest

Sycophantic priests
Kiss the feet of Christ
On a wooden effigy well isn't that charming
And they pour the blood
And they feed the flesh
To the congregations vampirism for the righteous

Lyrics © Dean Hathaway

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