Friday, May 11, 2007

The Frequency of Fear plus Hammer News

The Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency of Fear episode 6 is now on-line and is a Super Duper Vampire Spectacular, featuring the Hammer recordings of Dracula (narrated by Christopher Lee) and Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (narrated by Peter Cushing). There are also three vampire songs and a top 3 vampire slayings by yours truly.

The Frequency of Fear can be downloaded from here. It is a large download this time, but it is also a good 2.5 hours long.

The timing of this fits in well with the news that Hammer is due to rise from the grave (again) having been bought by Dutch group Cyrte Investments. They seem set to announce new movies and TV show soon. Will it still be the Hammer we know and love? The fact that the company is behind TV phenomena and all round poor television Big Brother doesn’t fill me with hope… but we will see.

Full details here.

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