Thursday, March 01, 2007

New US Series

There are several new vampiric series and pilots starting in the US.

The first to mention is Blood Ties. Based on Tanya Huff’s novels (which are excellent) this is about ex-cop and private detective Vicki Nelson who becomes embroiled with her neighbour: romance writer, vampire and bastard son of Henry VIII. The books are very much horror/detective. As this is produced for a women’s channel one fears the romance aspects have been brought to the fore – even so it might be worthwhile given the source material. The link has a trailer and things begin on 11th March.

HBO are working on a pilot called True Blood, based on Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire Mysteries”. This one could be great, again the source material is excellent – concerning Sookie Stakehouse, a psychic waitress who becomes embroiled in supernatural events via a vampire she meets – and the writing, production and direction is by Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball. Anna Paquin is said to star.

Finally, mentioned in a comment by Mateo, is a CBS series Twilight. Twilight centers on a private investigator/vampire who struggles with immortality, his enemies in the vampire world, and the love he feels for a mortal woman. I can find little else about this, it seems like it isn’t based on a novel (though I stand to be corrected) and thus somewhat derivative of Angel and Forever Knight – but we’ll see.

If anyone can find any further details on any of the series/pilots mentioned or watches them, then please leave a comment and let us know. There is no suggestion, at this point, that these will reach UK shores, but I’ll keep an eye out.


Mateo said...

I'll let you know how Blood Ties looks, I think I still have your email address somewhere... I haven't read the books so that might prevent me from enjoying it, but I'll probably watch every episode anyways (unless it's really really bad) just like I watched every episode of Blade.

That HBO series sounds really nice. They have a near-perfect record when it comes to originals, so to think they're doing a vampire series makes me a bit giddy. I bet BBC or someone will pick it up if it's successful here (I'm betting it will be).

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Cheers Mateo. You know, not having read the books could allow you to enjoy it more not less, if they stray too far you won't have the preconceptions.

Look to the bottom of my menus, btw, you'll see a contact me was added a few days ago with a mail address on it.