Wednesday, March 14, 2007

new film: Case of the V Murders

A new low budget film, the symopsis of Case of the V murders is "Detective Tim Valek (Milton Diaz) is determined to crack a series of unsolved murders, presumably caused by a vampire. However, he isn't too determined to make ends meet with his assigned partner, Bishop (Eriq "Dire Wolf" Troix). The innocents are at stake, the police are clueless, and the duo are less than cooperative towards each other, making the case tougher to resolve. Somehow, detective Valek and Bishop must trace the patterns of this vicious killer and trust each other to put an end to the horror, despite their estranged partnership. ..."

The DVD is hoped to be finished by this weekend. The film has a MySpace site here and there is a little teaser courtesy of YouTube:

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