Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I noticed the trailer for a 2005 film Raving Maniacs on a Zone Horror (UK) film series called Grindhouse 2000 – which is obviously cashing in on the name of the highly anticipated Tarantino/Rodriguez vehicle. My interest was piqued as this was a film about a drug (used at a rave) that released sexual deviancy with cannibalistic tendencies.

No suggestion that it is vampiric but the film did strike me, on what I can find out about it, as similar to the other 2005 film Side FX. You might recall that in Side FX the drug brings on sexual desire and then a thirst for blood and was a medieval recipe that caused an outbreak of what was deemed vampirism. Okay, from what I can gather, the drug in Raving Maniacs is extraterrestrial in origin and causes people to behave like over-sexed zombie flesh-eaters but there is a similarity there. Both films were 2005 and both have a main female character called Tuesday (played by Amanda Phillips in Side FX and by Emily Morettini in Raving Maniacs).

I’m going to keep my eyes open for this coming on Zone Horror over the next few weeks and, with luck, will catch it and give it a watch. Perhaps there is scope for a comparison piece… We’ll see.

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