Thursday, January 25, 2007

Short film: The Vampire Assassin

Archangel productions are currently shooting a short film, entitled The Vampire Assassin set, I believe, in the universe of their previous feature Bloodlust.

The synopsis is: “After centuries of living the life of a free spirited spoiled rich vampire, terrorizing the Eastern European countryside, Veronica arrives in the United States for new prey. But when her actions start attracting the attention of humans she is brought before her clan elders and ordered to reign in her "bloodlust" or be ostracized by the rest of the clan, a fate worse than death. In order to get back into the good graces of the elders Veronica must become an assassin and kill vampires who themselves are attracting the humans' attentions.”

The film has a MySpace site and a homepage. On the homepage you can pre-order a DVD of the short or, if you make a donation you can be a producer and get a free signed DVD when shooting finishes or, for a higher donation, be an executive producer and get a signed DVD and script.

Via the magic of YouTube, I’ve added in the trailer below:

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