Thursday, September 28, 2006

Music: Black Magic Reggae

Regular poster Crabstix has given me a CD called “Black Magic Reggae”, primarily because of some of the tracks on disc 2 that have vampiric themes. He also suggested I review said disc. Unfortunately I have only highlighted music, never reviewed it (except in respect to the soundtrack of Nosferatu 1922) and I don’t think I could do the disc justice as reggae isn’t really my cup of tea.

However, for those who like reggae and want some vampiric themed tracks, disc 2 offers the following:

The Vampire by The Upsetters
Dracula Prince of Darkness by King Horror
Dracula by The Vulcans
Dracula by Desmond Dekker
Return of the Vampire by The Upsetters
Ketch Vampire by Devon Irons and Doctor Alimanado
Vampire Dub (aka Vamp a Dub) by the Upsetters
Blacula by The Crystalites

As well as 31 other horror themed reggae songs.


zombiepunk said...

as punk and reggae went hand in hand back in the good old days i still have a fondness, especially for dub. i wouild be willing to give it a listen on your behalf if you wished.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

That is no problem at all zombiepunk, I'll make sure it gets to you