Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Music: The Birthday Party

Before his time with the “Bad Seeds”, antipodean musical genius Nick Cave was in the band “The Birthday Party” and they recorded a song called “Release the Bats”. I reproduce the lyrics for your edification, though warn you that Cave never shied away from the use of metaphor and a lyric of a more adult content.

Release The Bats

whooah bite! whooah bite!
release the bats. release the bats
don't tell me that it doesn't hurt.
a hundred fluttering in your skirt

(don't tell me that it doesn't hurt)

my baby is alright
she doesn't mind a bit of dirt
she says 'horror vampire bat bite'
she says 'horror vampire
how I wish those bats would bite'
whooah bite! bite!

release the bats! release the bats!
pump them up and explode the things
her legs are chafed by sticky wings
(sticky sticky little things).

my baby is a cool machine
she moves to the pulse of her generator
says damn that sex supreme.
she says damn that horror bat
sex vampire, cool machine

release the bats! release the bats!
release them!

baby is a cool machine
she moves to the pulse of her generator
says damn that sex supreme.
she says, she says damn that horror bat
sex horror sex bat sex sex horror sex vampire
sex bat horror vampire sex
cool machine
horror bat. bite!
cool machine. bite!
sex vampire. bite!

For a video clip of the song performed live go here.


Anonymous said...

kudos to nick cave. of course anyone who can bash out kylie's brains and get to top of the pops by doing deserves credit anyway (not that this is meant to be a slight on kylie). pity he doesn't tour thje uk very often, and when he does the tickets go quicker than a pint of o negative at a vampire buffet

Taliesin_ttlg said...

here here, I'd love to see Nick Cave but completely failed to get a ticket on the abbotoir blues tour, in Manchester, the day after release

Mark said...

He looks so young!

My all-time favorite Nick Cave cd is one called, "Murder Ballads." It's exactly what the title suggests.

I used to listen to that cd so much that I scared myself. Of course, my co-workers (they used to let us listen to Discmen when I was a programmer) were even more unnerved by my choice of music to program by.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Mark, he was so young there. Note the cigarette burn on the back of his hand!

Murder Ballads is probably my favourite Cave album all told, I used to love playing "body count" as I listened to it!

I do, currently, have a soft fspot for the B-sides and rarities album (great value coming in at some 3.5 hours in length) which has a couple of interesting Murder Ballads entries. O'Maley's Bar performed for the BBC, split into 3 parts with the story slightly changed and Where the Wild Roses Grow with Blix on Kylie's vocals.

Overall favourite song is probably "The Mercy Seat"

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I should also add that if you want to see the video for the mercy seat it is here

Mark said...

You're right. "The Mercy Seat" is a great song.