Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Masters of Horror

I didn't cover this series during season one. The basis of the show was to get some of the great masters of the horror genre and have them direct one hour specials.

Though there were some excellent episodes there was nothing really vampiric - that said the episode Dance of the Dead could have recieved the "Vamp or Not?" treatment for the working of a Matheson story that had touches of vampirism and the zombie genre worked into it.

All that said, season 2 is planned and according to Really Scary there is a vampire episode planned:

The V Word, a vampire film directed by Ernest Dickerson and written by Mick Garris, reveals the punishment visited upon two teenage boys who make the very poor decision to break into a mortuary. Michael Ironside stars.

Details of Season One (and, I suspect, season 2 very soon) at the Masters of Horror homepage.

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