Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mark of the Vampire

According to DavisDVD we can look forward to the following set in October:

Warner Home Video will release Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection on October 3rd. This three-disc collection features the DVD debuts of classic horror films The Devil Doll, Doctor X, The Return of Doctor X, Mad Love, Mark of the Vampire and The Mask of Fu Manchu. All come with newly remastered fullscreen transfers (Doctor X presented in its rare two-strip Technicolor version) and Dolby Digital Mono tracks. Extras will include audio commentaries (Tom Weaver on Dr. X; Vincent Sherman and Steve Haberman on Return of Dr. X; Steve Haberman on Mad Love; Kim Newman and Steve Jones on Mark of the Vampire; Greg Mank on The Mask of Fu Manchu) and trailers for each film. Retail is $29.99.

Obviously, I picked up on the inclusion of Mark of the Vampire and love the idea of a Kim Newman (author of the Anno Dracula series and, under the penname Jack Yeovil, the Vampire Genevieve series) commentary.

Clearly, as the price is in dollars, this is a region 1 release, nothing on whether it is coming out on region 2.


Mark said...

Yaaahoooooo! I'm really looking forward to this (I've never seen Mark of the Vampire by the way, though I've read about it for years now).

Tom Weaver is probably my all-time favorite film historian and DVD commentator, too.

Thanks for the good news!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I've never seen it either, Mark, and really want to (imagine that!). I imagine many of the other films are right up your alley also.