Sunday, May 21, 2006

Supernatural goes vampiric

I've been watching this on ITV 2 (one of the UK channels) and tonight's episode was about a Shtriga, an Albanian witch that drains the spirtus vitaé from victims, in the show children. Though in the show it was energy, the shtriga was certainly vampiric - virtually indestructable and immortal and is related to the romanian strigoi vi.

For a little on the folklore of the Shtriga check the Wikipedia entry.

I checked an episode guide for the show to find the correct spelling of shtriga and discovered that the episode of the show that airs in two weeks in the UK will be a full vampire episode. Unfortunately I'm going to be away then (I'll be posting to let folks know when the blog will be hitting a one week hiatus closer to the time) and so I am now frantically ensuring that plenty of people tape the episode so I make sure I see it! Of course, one tape will have to work (if not then the fates hate me!) and once I get to see the actual vampire episode I will be reviewing it for the blog.


Mateo said...

I've seen the vampire episode and it was quite good I thought. Very Anne Rice and Buffy inspired, of course.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Ahh.. but you have the advantage over me there... I've enjoyed the series, though it was a little derivitive and I am a little miffed at the vampire episode being on the day I go to the other end of the country to work for a week!