Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Film: High Stakes

High Stakes is a new film due straight to DVD at the end of 2006 in the UK, and being taken over to Cannes at the moment to try and sell internationally.

Described as Blair Witch meets From Dusk 'til Dawn, there is info, a flash presentation and a synopsis here.

The synopsis runs as follows:

Guy, a small time gambler gets to play the biggest game of his life.
Unfortunately, the player he beats is an ancient vampire. Enraged, the vampire and his motley crew give chase, but Guy manages to escape to the refuge of a local Church.

Safely inside Guy meets the Reverend and his young congregation. But after the Reverend is bitten and becomes crazed with “The Blood Lust,” he soon discovers that the congregation hides a sinister secret.

The Siege begins
The Gambler has no where to run.

What happens if everywhere you thought was safe……Wasn’t?
What happens if everyone you thought you knew….You didn’t?
What happens if every time you thought you’d got away….You hadn’t.

As Guy discovers……is the biggest gamble of his life..

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