Monday, May 08, 2006

A Dracula Sequel

In what can only be described as synchronicity, given I’ve just posted a review of Dracula (1931) , there is to be a sequel to Dracula filmed.

The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire has reported on this so nip over there to read the detail and get the links. Folks may wonder why fuss over this, the character has appeared in more films and books than you can shake a stick at. Suffice it to say that this is the first script officially sanctioned by Stoker’s estate since the 1931 Lugosi movie. More news as it appears.


Rod Renegade said...

I thought "Dracula's Daughter" - (Universal 1936) was the sequel to the Lagosi's "Dracula".

Unless you mean to say that "Dracula's Daughter" (based on Dracula's Guest) and all the others were not officially sanctioned by Stoker.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Sorry for any confusion Rod. Dracula's Duaghter was the sequal to the film Dracula 1931... starting where the first ended. However...

Dracula 31 was the only officially sanctioned film of the book Dracula. Now a film has the green light which will be a sequel, in film, to the book and it and the 31 Dracula will be the only two films officially sanctioned by Stoker's estate.

So, whilst Drac's Daughter was a sequel, it wasn't a sanctioned sequel.