Friday, April 07, 2006

Music: New Rising Son

New Risng Son are a US goth band, as far as I know unsigned as of yet.

They have a wonderfully titled track "The Sting of a Vampire's sweet embrace" which is available for download here in either wma or mp3 format.

A quick look at the lyrics gives:

I feel you’re still part of me, you haunt my every waking hour.

Dark memory, I can’t help but dream about.

I know what’s happening, I will prey again.

Let the prayer begin.


I will cross my heart, hope to die high.

Let God tear apart a love that’s so divine.

I will close my eyes, sink your teeth in deep

Pray that I go blind, and steal what I can’t see.

The one who created you will bring us back in line when our love was true a picture burned in time.

I know it’s happening you will prey again,

let the prayer begin.


I will cross my heart, stick you dagger deep.

I will close my eyes and bleed myself to sleep.

Seal my coffin tight, day will become night.

Do your wishing well, heaven will be hell.

I will close the book and you won’t shed a tear I’ll give back all I took, all that I hold dear.

I have closed the book, my sacrifice is done.

Everywhere you look my blood will run...


Anonymous said...

New Rising Son at Bar Sinister in Hollywood - Saturday, June 3, 2006

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hey non - thanks for the heads up for our US readers :)