Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Energy Vampires

I was surfing around and came across a news article about “Energy Vampires” from Bella online.

To quote:

"Energy vampires aren't much discussed, but they do exist and can cause significant problems. If you feel drained by someone's presence it is likely they are drawing on your energy to feed their own system. Luckily you don't need to cut off their head & drive a stake through their heart to sort them out!"

No cutting off their heads and staking - now where's the fun in that!!! Anyhoo, the rest of the article is here. However it did bring to mind a song from many years ago by Peter Hammill (pictured)from “The future Now” album, and so, for fun, here are the lyrics:

Energy Vampires by Peter Hammill

Hunched in the corner of the dressing-room,
trying to get back to the real...
Uh-oh, here they come, ready for their meal:

Energy Vampires, crawling out of the wall,
they want to steal my vitality,
they want to drink it all.

This guy says that he wrote all my songs,
this girl says she's had my baby -
me, I don't know them from Adam and Eve,
sometimes I really believe I'm going crazy.

"Excuse me while I suck your blood,
excuse me when I phone you,
I've got every one of your records, man,
doesn't that mean I own you?"
Oh, sure, I long ago decided to make myself an exponent
of public possession in the private obsession zone.

But now I'm serious, let's be serious, I'm not selling you my soul,
try to put it in the records but I've got to keep my life my own.
One thing I've not got a lot of is time
and it's slipping away...

I've got a life to live too.

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