Sunday, March 19, 2006

The School Marm Vampire; machinima

For those who haven’t come across machinima yet, machinima is the art of making films using game engines. At first glance this might seem restrictive. Certainly with games such as the Movies, which as well as being a tycoon game is also an active encourager of machinima productions, it can be – the film maker is constrained by the locations, skins and animations within the game’s engine.

Where there is a will, however, there is a way, and there are a lot of creative machinima’s being developed. One such series is “the School Marm Vampire” by Blind Watcher Productions, currently up to part two, with part three in development. The series is made using the Sims 2 engine.

The synopsis, from the homepage, of the two episodes are as follows:

Part 1 - Blind Watcher Productions proudly presents: The School Marm Vampire, expect only the unexpected as we take you through a bizarre story that will slowly unravel throughout its episodes. Christine, Danielle, and Eric sit down to their first class of Eastern European Folklore 101 and who should be their instructor, but an old bat of a woman, who loads them with homework. They turn to the autistic genius, George for help... but something goes wrong...

Part 2 - Part two of our new series, The School Marm Vampire continues when Eric, Christine, and Michelle all get As on their papers (that George wrote for them), and the School Marm, astounded by their unlikely brilliance asks them to meet her in her office to discuss an artifact which they all had mentioned in their papers. The three know they're in trouble, and seek the artifact before their meeting with Madam Icabod so that they can show it to George... Is George REALLY WHO HE SEEMS SO BE?

Both parts are available in wmv, and also in i-pod compatible format. The homepage is here.


Mateo said...

I remember the old "3D Movie Maker" by Microsoft which was probably the first example of machinima. It was a lot of fun, but as you say restrictive. The artform sort of disappeared there after 3DMM got old but it's certainly resurged as of late. Thanks for the recommendation here.

Mateo said...

By the way I just finished watching both of them and George is obviously Renfield here.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

He certainly is, perhaps the coda at the end of part two gave a little too much away - we'll see. Did you enjoy them though?