Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Short Film: Harvest Moon

This was a short film from 2008 and directed by Micah Ranum. The running length is 9-minutes (and this is a short that carries a post-credit sequence).

It starts with an establishing shot of the moon and then we see a van pull up to a large mansion. In the van are three ne’er do wells; Mark (Travis Herndon), Oliver (David McElwee) and Steven (Jeremy Russell). The driver looks nervous but the others are packing heat. Their intention, breaking and entering with some robbery thrown in.

domestic disharmony

Meanwhile, in the mansion, Walter (Robert Pralgo, the Vampire Diaries) is sharpening a knife ready to carve dinner. Wife Cleo (Courtney Hogan) is less than impressed with the beef that’s for dinner and wants to go out. He is opposed to the idea and we get the impression that this is symptomatic of deeper marital problems. She ends up going to her room, locking Walter out.

ceiling crawl

The thieves have broken in but one knocks over an ornament, breaking it and alerting the couple to their presence. Walter goes to look and find out what’s happening and confronts a lone thief who uses his rifle to give him a buttstroke for his trouble. The blow doesn’t seem to phase Walter and then, above, we see Cleo crawling along the ceiling, fangs on display…

How does it all play out… The short is embedded below. The imdb page is here.

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