Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Short Film: Blood Bride

This is a short film that comes in at just under 14 minutes and was directed by Michelle Romano. The premise around the film is very simple but it does have a twist at the end of the film.

Corey Tourigny as Mr Grant
Mr Grant (Corey Tourigny) is in the hospital where his wife (Michelle Romano) is not at all well. He is taken through to the Doctor’s office and Dr Baron (Robert Catrini, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) confirms that it is lucky that both he and his wife are type O Negative. As you probably know the blood is a universal blood type (ie all over blood types can be transfused with it) but those with type O neg can only receive type O neg.

something about Nurse Betty
Faced with the situation, Grant is more than willing to donate blood to transfuse his wife and Nurse Betty (Jennifer Jostyn, Vampires on Bikini Beach) is summoned with the release papers. There is something odd about Nurse Betty – both the sub-porn uniform and her attitude. However Grant is soon going off with her.

nurse Nicki has a taste
She leads him to a room and puts him in a chair whilst a bevy of nurses surround him. Yet they don’t seem to be that professional and one, Nurse Nicki (Heather Grace Hancock), ends up in his lap and biting his lip to see if he is ready. Soon they are draining him through multiple needles and running the blood into a cup, whilst fangs are on show. But what about Dr Baron and Grant’s sickly wife? The answers, of course, are in the short.

The imdb page is here.

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