Sunday, February 11, 2018

Honourable Mention: Doses of Horror

Allegedly directed by Hector Kabel and released in 2018 (according to Amazon) this is little more than a clip show with the flimsiest portmanteau wraparound. The wraparound suggests that patients in an asylum were subjected to experimentation by forcing them to watch horror films. The experiment went wrong as they went mad (one would think madness was a prerequisite to be incarcerated in an asylum, but never mind) and there was a bloodbath.

The films have now come to light and this is what we are watching. However these are all clips from old horror films, edited down and (in most cases) looking to concentrate a little bit more on flesh then horror. Some of the edits are quite well done – if you take the first section entitled a Dose of Bee Stings but actually extracts from the film Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973), there is at least some level of story viewable through the cuts, though mostly it concentrates on sections with naked flesh it does also add in a tad of exposition. Other sections are much less coherent.

from Vampires Night Orgy
So we get a couple of sections that are lifted directly from vampire films and the section Doses of Peeping Toms and Vampires is actually an edit of scenes from León Klimovsky’s 1972/3 film the Vampires Night Orgy. The section is virtually incoherent – though it does certainly contain a peeping tom and vampires – however, the original film was, in and of itself, fairly incoherent anyway. I will say the print used seemed better quality than the one on my DVD of the film.

John Carradine in Vampire Hookers
There is a sojourn to The Devil’s Nightmare (listed in the filmography shown at the end as 1974, which was the US release date, but it was actually 1971) and this is worth noting because it includes a succubus (though she does little to warrant that name) and was released in the US as Vampire Playgirls despite absolutely no vampire aspect. We also get some clips, and they are more horror based, from Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979). The other vampire related aspect, however, is from Cirio H Santiago’s Vampire Hookers and features a brief look at John Carradine and then slinks off to a bedroom scene from the film.

And that’s it – probably not the best way to spend 100 minutes of your life and, at time of article, I can find no IMDb page.

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