Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two New DVDs

I mentioned the trailer for Perfect Creature being out a couple of weeks ago. Whilst the Homepage is still a place holder the film seems to be available on DVD – in Holland. No sign of a release anywhere else in the world yet.

I also mentioned last year that two films called The Thirst were in production. One of them, staring Clare Krammer (from Buffy) is released on US DVD on the 22nd May this year. I've got to say that I love the cover, if the film is as good we might just have a classic on our hands (but never judge a book by its cover, so's to speak).

The Amazon.com product description says this about The Thirst: “Welcome to an urban underworld of pleasure and pain where fleshfueled slaughter is the ultimate high.

“Matt Keeslar of DUNE and Clare Kramer of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star as a pair of recovering drug addicts recruited by a clan of sex & gore crazed vampires led by the charismatic madman Darius (Jeremy Sisto of SIX FEET UNDER). But as each depraved ‘fix’ leads them deeper into hell, what will be the final price for the most horrific addiction of all?

“Adam Baldwin (SERENITY), Erik Palladino (ER) and Serena Scott- Thomas co-star in this harrowing shocker from the director of THE ATTIC EXPEDITIONS and ALL SOULS DAY, and the producers of ROOM 6, HOUSE OF THE DEAD II and THE DARKROOM. Featuring the music of Rasputina, Dames Violet, Jack The Mad, Sonya Kahn, The Spindles and more.”

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