Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Music: Lesbian Bed Death

Lebian Bed Death describe themselves as gothic rock meets classic rock with punk (to be honest they are pretty much a classic sleazy rock) and they are great fun. From the album, “I use my powers for evil” comes the track ‘Vampire Lover”. The album is available via their homepage for a bargain price and samples can be heard on their MySpace page.

The chorus of vampire lover goes a little like this:

You call my name and I hear
My Vampire Lover
You bleed me dry and leave me weak
My Vampire Lover
You never give what I need
My Vampire Lover
Close the door as you leave
My Vampire Lover


CrabStiX said...

Hmm. A passing aquaintance with Garbage, I think, as well. Looks like a Shirley Manson wannabe? Perhaps?

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Crabstix, now you mention it I can see where you are coming from- but perhaps a little to jolly for Garbage comparisons?