Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Free streaming Vampire Films on google

I have recently found the following films on google for free streaming, some via other blogs and some by trawling through google videos itself. Please note that some of these films are also available at the for full download. If there has been a review or 'Vamp or Not?' (ie the film title is linked) you’ll undoubtedly find a link to the archive page, if one exists.

The films I’ve discovered available are:

Nosferatu (1922), there are several versions of this, one is here and a sepia version with colour added to the dialogue cards is here.

Werewolf Vs the Vampire Women is here.

The Vampire Bat is here.

The Last Man on Earth is here.

Vampyr is here. unfortunately not subtitled.

Black Sunday is here.

Viy is here, unfortunately not subtitled.

Lugosi’s Dracula is here.

Nightmare Castle is here.

Finally Sorority House Vampire from Hell is here.

Happy viewing.

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