Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thanks to Neil

Many thanks to my friend Neil who gave me a surprise present of the "Fish – Return To Childhood" DVD. Fish was lead singer with Marillion and 2005 saw the 20th anniversary of their seminal "Misplaced Childhood" album and Fish played the full album live throughout the tour. I went along to the tour, a great gig, and to the extension of the tour this year – which was an even better gig. (Believe me, over the years I have been to several of Fish’s shows but I don't think I've seen better.)

It’s great to have part of the tour on DVD. For a vampire connection the DVD does have the track "Goldfish and Clowns" from Fish's solo "Sunsets on Empire" album, with the lyric:

“There are vampires in the park Mawgojzeta
But I only hear the sound of dancing bears.”

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