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Satanic Hispanics – review

Director: Eduardo Sánchez (segment)

Release date: 2022

Contains spoilers

Another portmanteau film, this one features segments directed by Latinx directors and Hispanic themed stories with a wraparound that sees the Traveller (Efren Ramirez, Constantine: The Saint of Last Resorts) the lone survivor of a massacre.

As the police question him it is revealed that he is an Aztec and an immortal and the segments are the stories he tells the police. This includes the segment we’re interested in, entitled El Vampiro.

Hemky Madera as El Vampiro

Starting at a Halloween party, where there has been a massacre conducted by the vampire (Hemky Madera, From Dusk Til Dawn the Series – season 2). There is one survivor (Missy Merry) and she manages to sneak out of the bar when he goes after her and captures her with mojo – getting her blood on his satin shirt and getting a stain removal pen out to clean it up. A dog walker (Michael C. Williams) sees this and is convinced it is a ‘Halloween prank’.

with Maribel

The vampire is called by his vampire bride, Maribel (Patricia Velasquez). He has snuck out for the slaughter and also forgotten daylight savings time… he has a very short window to get home and the film follows his misadventures across the city – failing to turn into a bat, being attacked by young hoodlums and staked on the wrong side of the chest, trying to mind control two cops and ending up inside a church. The segment is played for laughs.


And as a segment played for laughs it works ok. It isn’t the funniest vampire comedy but it does do it with love, and the segment is perhaps a bit more throwaway than others in the film. The effects are absolutely fine for the segment, with a decent amount of gore, and the bickering with Maribel works really well. It doesn’t shy away from a tragi-comedic ending and it is pretty good, but not mind blowing. With anthologies I score the vampire segment only and this probably rolls in at 5 out of 10, fun but not spectacular – there are more impressive segments in the film.

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