Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Short Film: Uncommon Enemies

At a nice, little 10-minute mark this Alex Hatz directed film tells us that it is set in Nazi occupied France and then changes that to vampire occupied.

It is night and an American sergeant (Michael Cram, Shadowhunters) is carrying a wounded GI (AJ Vaage) into a barn. As he puts him down against a bale something pokes into the soldier’s back – we see it is a stake. The GI asks the Sarge to not let the demons get him, they prey on the wounded draining their blood.

Christine in control

A Nazi, Max (James Gangl), comes into the barn with a French woman, Christine (Melanie Scrofano), from their position unable to see the Americans. They start becoming intimate and she flips the position so she is straddling the German but then stops as she hears the GI moan. Angered by Max she slaps him and he slaps her back, leading to a small amount of blood play but, before their passion can build, the injured GI takes a pot shot.

enemies close by

This leads to an exchange of fire and a stand-off. Christine recommends a truce whilst she looks to take care of the GIs injuries – leading to the American and German apprehensively facing each other, guns still aimed and Max trying to engage in small talk. Meanwhile, out of sight, Christine has smothered the GI’s mouth to stifle his screams as she presses her other hand into his bleeding wound…

So, will Christine’s nature be revealed and will Max and the Sarge be able to enter into an uneasy alliance? The imdb page is here. The film can be viewed here.

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