Monday, May 16, 2022

First Impressions & Crowdfunder: Lords of LA

Lords of LA is a new indie graphic novel and I have been lucky enough to see the completed pages so far courtesy of writer Frank J Zanca. For the art; pencils are by Alex Femenias and inks by Maria Keane.

Having seen the opening, as it were, I can tell you that the graphic novel, primarily, straddles two timelines – one in the 1950s and the other in 2006 – and follows vampire clans who are coded very much as organised crime with a rivalry between Don Cainella and Don Abellino – though it is clear that there are other players in town. There is also Lena Morgan a vampire who blames them both for destroying her life in the 50s by making her undead and is looking for revenge. Neatly the book colour codes the page borders to distinguish timelines.

artwork detail

I mentioned the two primary timelines but we also, for instance, see a flashback to the Roman Empire, giving an idea of the age of one of the players. The story does not shy away from sex or gore, and is definitely R rated. The aimed for length is fairly short, at 48 pages, but the story so far has been intriguing and it feels like there is plenty of room for expansion in further storylines in the future.

As you’ll tell from the illustrating images the artwork uses a bold, one might even say technicolour, style that fits well in a story where the movie industry of the 50s enticed the vampires to set up shop in LA. The art is consistent and looks good.

The project is subject to a Kickstarter campaign, which is ongoing as I post but has already hit its funding goal. As always, crowdsourcing is entered into at the readers own risk but, if you feel like giving this one your backing, you can find the campaign here.

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