Thursday, October 14, 2021

Crowdsourcing: Embrace

I have been contacted by Aten Entertainment and asked to share their crowdsourcing project for the vampire feature Embrace. The details of the film are:

Embrace is a modern-day film centered on a "family" of vampires with the premise that these immortal beings are in fact not evil but are simply surviving as they are meant to survive.

These immortals have always been able, through careful deception, to blend in with mortal society because those societies not only view their very existence as mythical but within this myth have, over the centuries, invented abilities and weaknesses that they do not possess.

Their existence is not about living lives of blood-sucking encounters without conscience; they instead must negotiate regret, revenge, the loss of love, loneliness, life-threatening attack, and the struggle to overcome self-hate to arrive at a place where the miracles of immortal life are recognized and accepted.

The kickstarter page has a low budget trailer, though it comes with the health warning that the filmmakers deem it much lower quality than the finished film will be. The target is a high one, which will take some reaching. Remember that I post about crowdfunded projects for information and supporting projects are at your own risk. You can find more at Kickstarter.

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