Monday, September 06, 2021

Crowdfunding: Dracula: City of Bats

It’s always an honour when filmmakers, be they established or aspiring, contact me and tell me that they are a fan of this blog. Today I received a mail from Giovanni from Giovanni Produzione telling me about the vampire project he is working on, along with the teaser trailer.

Turns out the film is being crowdsourced, and the final film will be in Spanish with subtitles (English at the very least) in an attempt to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The synopsis is: Five young friends living in Valencia, looking for their place in life, must quickly mature when a great darkness comes upon them.

Lucy, the leader of the group, mysteriously falls ill after the arrival of an intriguing new neighbour, Vlad.

Their investigations will lead them to discover that they are facing one of the oldest evils in history: the vampire Dracula. Their friendship and courage will be put to the test in this fight for their souls and those of the entire world.

As always, crowdfunding film projects are brought to you for information and supported at your own risk. The crowdfunding site is here.

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