Monday, July 19, 2021

Short film: Vampire Foxes… from SPACE!

Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF. This was a 22-minute long short directed by Kyle Murphy and, whilst fun, it was ultimately style over substance.

Starting off at a comic book store, a patron (Riley Taylor) finds the comic book of Vampire Foxes… from SPACE! in the reduced section and starts to read it. The film proper is then the comic-book.

We start with Harry (James McLain), the scene starting in colour and then quickly turning to black and white. Harry is filling a container with various things, including a film and a picture of the Earth’s position in the galaxy – it is a time capsule of sorts. Ben (Justin Stewart) gets there and asks if it is *it*… a confirmation and they head outside (the scene starting in black and white then quickly changing to colour). The container is a nose cone for a rocket, launched by a big red button… Harry warns Ben, telling him not to press it… can you guess what accidentally happens?


The rocket drifts., for decades, out of the solar system and crash lands on a planet full of fox women. They realise the earth may be an answer to their dwindling food stocks and so the Queen (Dorene M. Lorenz) sends three foxes (Briana Marie Thibodeaux, Bekah Halat & Alexa Schnoblen) to earth, their attire based on the go-go film from the 60s that Harry had put in the nose cone. Their trip is much faster than that of Harry’s rocket and they land in Alaska, where a couple of guys happened to be – Luke (Carl Weber) and Dave (Stephen Waalkes). Dave accidentally shoots Luke in the leg – leaving a sample of human blood to taste…

fangs and blood

As I said at the beginning, style over substance as the story was really very simple. There is a lot of sfx workaround, a necessity of budget but it gives this an antiquated feel that works for it. There is blood, silliness and a post-credit sequence that reminded me of Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell. The imdb page is here.


VampirefoxesfromSPACE said...

Thanks you nailed it! Lol :)

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Thanks for the short

VampirefoxesfromSPACE said...

We're actually working on the actual graphic novel right now :)

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I'll look forward to that :)