Sunday, June 27, 2021

Short Film: The Moon, The Bat, The Monster

This short film was around the 6-minute mark and directed by Robbie Dias.

It starts with science nerd Helena (Emily Schlachter) who is working on DIY wormhole technology. Her efforts are disturbed by Roxy (Cinthya Brasil) who enters Helena’s room swigging from a hip-flask. Helena covered her work so, of course, Roxy beelines for it and manages to knock some classic monster collectables into it.

That night Helena has a nightmare about the classic monsters and a nearby cemetery. She forces Roxy to come to the cemetery to check things out…

monsters, distance shot

They are creeping around in the dark when they realise that, watching them, are Dracula (James Espinosa), the wolfman (Ulysses Julio) and Frankenstein’s Monster (Alex Nightman, Moonlight). The ladies run but Roxy is soon in Dracula’s grasp. Helena, however, manages to reach a nearby police station (all the cops are named in celebration of classic horror)… Surely the cops will be able to deal with Dracula & co?

monsters, close up

If you want to find out, the answer is both on Amazon video and in a webisode from horror host Malvolia: the Queen of Screams.

The imdb page is here.

On Demand @ Amazon US

On Demand @ Amazon UK

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