Monday, June 07, 2021

Crowdfunding: The Damnation of Dracula

You may recall when I looked at the Sébastien Godin directed Blood Rites of the Vampyr and found an enjoyable low budget film with definite nods to Jean Rollin working in consort with a more modern sensibility that reminded me of auteur Chris Alexander’s work. The film was shot on an ultra-low budget yet managed to maintain an authentic arthouse/horror feel.

Godin, along with producer Chris Darton are looking to make The Damnation of Dracula with a much higher budget than Blood Rites had and, to fund it, they are running a Crowdfunding campaign with a variety of perks available. What really interests me within this project (beyond what Sébastien Godin might create with more of a budget) is the idea that Dracula will be gender swapped – Ali Chappell has been cast, who we know from Necropolis Legion and Space Vampire – but also, going by the Dustin Mills’ concept art, she is designed to be monstrous.

Before I relay the synopsis, can I remind you that, as with any crowdfunded project I highlight, I am posting this for information and whether you take the risk on backing is your choice alone (in the case of this project I will say that I have backed the project but caveat emptor). The Indiegogo page is here.

concept art by Dustin Mills

The synopsis reads: The small northern Canadian communities of Creek and Buffalo Mines are weak and nearly beaten. Since the closing of the mines a number of years ago the area is a shell of its once thriving past. The area is mostly made up of seniors and Indigenous people who have inhabited the area for hundreds of years. To further complicate matters developers have starting clearcutting the land and helping un-earth an evil that begins not only destroying the environment but feeding on the blood of the locals.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah Blackice is forced into taking action when her cousin Jimi is killed and his blood drained. Sarah, along with her cousin Birdie and their friend Wes approach a local talk radio host on a show about Myths, Monsters and Urban Legends for his expertise in helping combat the evil that has risen. Together this unlikely team must band together to overcome the dark malevolence they're confronted with.

The horror they uncover is far more insidious than local legends and myths of Wendigo spirits. Digging beneath the surface past the frozen earth, through the pine needles and muskeg is a darkness in the form of a hideous creature named Dracula. Organically rising out the sins of the past and present, years of broken treaties, stolen land and missing and murdered Indigenous women SHE rises, regaining strength to become whole once again.

Fortunately for this community they have a sentinel … a guardian in the form of powerful fearless young girl who’s journey and refusal to give up leads her into battle of wits with the Princess of Darkness herself … for the soul of her people and their land.

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